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CIMPRESS N.V. filed this Form 8-K on 01/08/2019
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additional documentation reasonably requested by such Borrower or the Administrative Agent as may be necessary for such Borrower and the Administrative Agent to comply with their obligations under FATCA and to determine that such Lender has complied with such Lender’s obligations under FATCA or to determine the amount to deduct and withhold from such payment. Solely for purposes of this clause (D), “FATCA” shall include any amendments made to FATCA after the date of this Agreement.
Each Lender agrees that if any form or certification it previously delivered expires or becomes obsolete or inaccurate in any respect, it shall update such form or certification or promptly notify the Company and the Administrative Agent in writing of its legal inability to do so.
(g)    Treatment of Certain Refunds. If any party determines, in its sole discretion exercised in good faith, that it has received a refund of any Taxes as to which it has been indemnified pursuant to this Section 2.17 (including additional amounts paid pursuant to this Section 2.17), it shall pay to the indemnifying party an amount equal to such refund (but only to the extent of indemnity payments made under this Section 2.17 with respect to the Taxes giving rise to such refund), net of all out-of-pocket expenses (including any Taxes) of such indemnified party and without interest (other than any interest paid by the relevant Governmental Authority with respect to such refund). Such indemnifying party, upon the request of such indemnified party, shall repay to such indemnified party the amount paid over pursuant to this paragraph (g) (plus any penalties, interest or other charges imposed by the relevant Governmental Authority) in the event that such indemnified party is required to repay such refund to such Governmental Authority. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this paragraph (g), in no event will the indemnified party be required to pay any amount to an indemnifying party pursuant to this paragraph (g) the payment of which would place the indemnified party in a less favorable net after-Tax position than the indemnified party would have been in if the Tax subject to indemnification and giving rise to such refund had not been deducted, withheld or otherwise imposed and the indemnification payments or additional amounts with respect to such Tax had never been paid. This paragraph shall not be construed to require any indemnified party to make available its Tax returns (or any other information relating to its Taxes that it deems confidential) to the indemnifying party or any other Person.
(h)    Defined Terms. For purposes of this Section 2.17, the term “Lender” includes each Issuing Bank and the term “applicable law” includes FATCA.
(i)    Compliance with Swiss Non-Bank Rules. Each Lender confirms that it is a Qualifying Bank or, if not, a single (1) person only for the purpose of the Swiss Non-Bank Rules and any other Person that shall become a Lender or a Participant pursuant to Section 9.04 shall be deemed to have confirmed that it is a Qualifying Bank or, if not, a single (1) person only for the purpose of Swiss Non-Bank Rules. The Swiss Borrower may request a Lender to confirm (i) whether or not it is (and each of its Participants are) a Qualifying Bank or (ii) whether it (or any of its Participants) does count as a single (1) person for purposes of the Swiss Non-Bank Rules, if it reasonably believes that that Lender’s status has changed during the term of this Agreement.
(j)    Certain FATCA Matters. For purposes of determining withholding Taxes imposed under FATCA, from and after September 23, 2014, the Loan Parties and the Administrative Agent shall treat (and the Lenders hereby authorize the Administrative Agent to treat) this Agreement and the Loans as not qualifying as “grandfathered obligations” within the meaning of Treasury Regulation Section 1.1471-2(b)(2)(i).