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CIMPRESS N.V. filed this Form 8-K on 01/08/2019
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required under Section 2.03 if such Borrower were requesting a Borrowing of the Type and Class resulting from such election to be made on the effective date of such election. Each such telephonic Interest Election Request shall be irrevocable and shall be confirmed promptly by hand delivery or telecopy to the Administrative Agent of a written Interest Election Request signed by the relevant Borrower, or the Company on its behalf. Notwithstanding any contrary provision herein, this Section shall not be construed to permit any Borrower to (i) change the currency of any Borrowing, (ii) elect an Interest Period for Eurocurrency Loans that does not comply with Section 2.02(d) or (iii) convert any Borrowing to a Borrowing of a Type not available under the Class of Commitments pursuant to which such Borrowing was made.
(c)    Each telephonic and written Interest Election Request shall specify the following information in compliance with Section 2.02:
(i)    the name of the applicable Borrower and the Borrowing to which such Interest Election Request applies and, if different options are being elected with respect to different portions thereof, the portions thereof to be allocated to each resulting Borrowing (in which case the information to be specified pursuant to clauses (iii) and (iv) below shall be specified for each resulting Borrowing);
(ii)    the effective date of the election made pursuant to such Interest Election Request, which shall be a Business Day;
(iii)    whether the resulting Borrowing is to be an ABR Borrowing or a Eurocurrency Borrowing and (A) in the case of a Borrowing consisting of Revolving Loans, whether (subject to the requirements of Section 2.02(d)(ii)) such Borrowing is to be a Dollar Tranche Revolving Borrowing or Multicurrency Tranche Revolving Borrowing and (B) in the case of a Borrowing consisting of Term Loans, whether such Borrowing is to be an Initial CUSA Term Loan Borrowing, an Initial Company Term Loan Borrowing or a 2019 CUSA Term Loan Borrowing; and
(iv)    if the resulting Borrowing is a Eurocurrency Borrowing, the Interest Period and Agreed Currency to be applicable thereto after giving effect to such election, which Interest Period shall be a period contemplated by the definition of the term “Interest Period”.
If any such Interest Election Request requests a Eurocurrency Borrowing but does not specify an Interest Period, then the applicable Borrower shall be deemed to have selected an Interest Period of one month’s duration.
(d)    Promptly following receipt of an Interest Election Request, the Administrative Agent shall advise each relevant Lender of the details thereof and of such Lender’s portion of each resulting Borrowing.
(e)    If the relevant Borrower fails to deliver a timely Interest Election Request with respect to a Eurocurrency Borrowing prior to the end of the Interest Period applicable thereto, then, unless such Borrowing is repaid as provided herein, at the end of such Interest Period (i) in the case of a Borrowing denominated in Dollars, such Borrowing shall be converted to an ABR Borrowing and (ii) in the case of a Borrowing denominated in a Foreign Currency in respect of which the applicable Borrower shall have failed to deliver an Interest Election Request prior to the third (3rd) Business Day preceding the end of such Interest Period, such Borrowing shall automatically continue as a Eurocurrency Borrowing in the same Agreed Currency with an Interest Period of one