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CIMPRESS N.V. filed this Form 8-K on 01/08/2019
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as of such date plus any accrued and unpaid interest thereon; provided that (i) the portions of such amount attributable to undrawn Foreign Currency Letters of Credit or LC Disbursements in a Foreign Currency that the Company is not late in reimbursing shall be deposited in the applicable Foreign Currencies in the actual amounts of such undrawn Letters of Credit and LC Disbursements and (ii) the obligation to deposit such cash collateral shall become effective immediately, and such deposit shall become immediately due and payable, without demand or other notice of any kind, upon the occurrence of any Event of Default with respect to the Company described in clause (h) or (i) of Article VII. For the purposes of this paragraph, the Dollar Amount of the Foreign Currency LC Exposure shall be calculated on the date notice demanding cash collateralization is delivered to the Company. The Company also shall deposit cash collateral pursuant to this paragraph as and to the extent required by Section 2.11(b). Such deposit shall be held by the Administrative Agent as collateral for the payment and performance of the Secured Obligations. The Administrative Agent shall have exclusive dominion and control, including the exclusive right of withdrawal, over such account and the Company hereby grants the Administrative Agent a security interest in all of its right, title and interest in and to the LC Collateral Account. Other than any interest earned on the investment of such deposits, which investments shall be made at the option and sole discretion of the Administrative Agent and at the Company’s risk and expense, such deposits shall not bear interest. Interest or profits, if any, on such investments shall accumulate in such account. Moneys in such account shall be applied by the Administrative Agent to reimburse the relevant Issuing Bank for LC Disbursements for which it has not been reimbursed and, to the extent not so applied, shall be held for the satisfaction of the reimbursement obligations of the Company for the LC Exposure at such time or, if the maturity of the Loans has been accelerated (but subject to the consent of Revolving Lenders with LC Exposure representing greater than 50% of the total LC Exposure), be applied to satisfy other Secured Obligations. If the Company is required to provide an amount of cash collateral hereunder as a result of the occurrence of an Event of Default, such amount (to the extent not applied as aforesaid) shall be returned to the Company within three (3) Business Days after all Events of Default have been cured or waived.
(k)    Issuing Bank Agreements. Each Issuing Bank agrees that, unless otherwise requested by the Administrative Agent, such Issuing Bank shall report in writing to the Administrative Agent (i) on or prior to each Business Day on which such Issuing Bank expects to issue, amend, renew or extend any Letter of Credit, the date of such issuance, amendment, renewal or extension, and the aggregate face amount of the Letters of Credit to be issued, amended, renewed or extended by it and outstanding after giving effect to such issuance, amendment, renewal or extension occurred (and whether the amount thereof changed), it being understood that such Issuing Bank shall not permit any issuance, renewal, extension or amendment resulting in an increase in the amount of any Letter of Credit to occur without first obtaining written confirmation from the Administrative Agent that it is then permitted under this Agreement, (ii) on each Business Day on which such Issuing Bank pays any amount in respect of one or more drawings under Letters of Credit, the date of such payment(s) and the amount of such payment(s), (iii) on any Business Day on which the Company fails to reimburse any amount required to be reimbursed to such Issuing Bank on such day, the date of such failure and the amount and currency of such payment in respect of Letters of Credit and (iv) on any other Business Day, such other information as the Administrative Agent shall reasonably request.
SECTION 2.07    Funding of Borrowings. (a) Each Lender shall make each Loan to be made by it hereunder on the proposed date thereof solely by wire transfer of immediately available funds (i) in the case of Loans denominated in Dollars, by 12:00 noon, New York City time, to the account of the Administrative Agent most recently designated by it for such purpose by notice to