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CIMPRESS N.V. filed this Form 8-K on 01/08/2019
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Term Loan Borrowing, an Initial Company Term Loan Borrowing or a 2019 CUSA Term Loan Borrowing;
(iii)    the aggregate amount of the requested Borrowing;
(iv)    the date of such Borrowing, which shall be a Business Day;
(v)    whether such Borrowing is to be an ABR Borrowing or a Eurocurrency Borrowing;
(vi)    in the case of a Eurocurrency Borrowing, the Agreed Currency and initial Interest Period to be applicable thereto, which shall be a period contemplated by the definition of the term “Interest Period”; and
(vii)    the location and number of the applicable Borrower’s account to which funds are to be disbursed, which shall comply with the requirements of Section 2.07.
If no election as to the Type of Borrowing is specified, then, (i) in the case of a Revolving Borrowing denominated in Dollars, the requested Revolving Borrowing shall be an ABR Borrowing made on a pro rata basis under the Multicurrency Tranche Commitments and the Dollar Tranche Commitments as contemplated by Section 2.02(d)(ii) and (ii) in the case of a Term Loan Borrowing, the requested Term Loan Borrowing shall be an ABR Borrowing. If no Interest Period is specified with respect to any requested Eurocurrency Borrowing, then the relevant Borrower shall be deemed to have selected an Interest Period of one month’s duration. Promptly following receipt of a Borrowing Request in accordance with this Section, the Administrative Agent shall advise each Lender of the details thereof and of the amount of such Lender’s Loan to be made as part of the requested Borrowing.
SECTION 2.04    Determination of Dollar Amounts. The Administrative Agent will determine the Dollar Amount of:
(a)    each Multicurrency Tranche Eurocurrency Borrowing as of the date two (2) Business Days prior to the date of such Borrowing or, if applicable, the date of conversion/continuation of any Borrowing as a Multicurrency Tranche Eurocurrency Borrowing,
(b)    the LC Exposure as of the date of each request for the issuance, amendment, renewal or extension of any Letter of Credit, and
(c)    all outstanding Credit Events on and as of the last Business Day of each calendar quarter and, during the continuation of an Event of Default, on any other Business Day elected by the Administrative Agent in its discretion or upon instruction by the Required Lenders.
Each day upon or as of which the Administrative Agent determines Dollar Amounts as described in the preceding clauses (a), (b) and (c) is herein described as a “Computation Date” with respect to each Credit Event for which a Dollar Amount is determined on or as of such day.
SECTION 2.05    Swingline Loans. (a) Subject to the terms and conditions set forth herein, the Swingline Lender may in its sole discretion make Swingline Loans in Dollars to the Company from time to time during the Availability Period, in an aggregate principal amount at any time outstanding that will not result in (i) the aggregate principal amount of outstanding Swingline