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CIMPRESS N.V. filed this Form 8-K on 01/08/2019
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prepared in accordance with GAAP as of such date, as well as any other corporation, limited liability company, partnership, association or other entity (a) of which securities or other ownership interests representing more than 50% of the equity or more than 50% of the ordinary voting power or, in the case of a partnership, more than 50% of the general partnership interests are, as of such date, owned, Controlled or held, or (b) that is, as of such date, otherwise Controlled, by the parent or one or more subsidiaries of the parent or by the parent and one or more subsidiaries of the parent.
Subsidiary” means any subsidiary of the Company.
Subsidiary Borrower” means (i) Vistaprint Bermuda, (ii) Cimpress Schweiz GmbH, a corporation incorporated under the laws of Switzerland, (iii) Vistaprint B.V., a besloten vennootschap met beperkte aansprakelijkheid organized under the laws of the Netherlands, with its statutory seat in Venlo, the Netherlands, (iv) CUSA (collectively, the “Initial Subsidiary Borrowers”) and (v) any other Eligible Subsidiary that becomes a Subsidiary Borrower pursuant to Section 2.23, in each case, provided that such Subsidiary Borrower has not ceased to be a Subsidiary Borrower pursuant to such Section 2.23.
Subsidiary Guarantor” means each Material Subsidiary that is a party to the Guaranty. The Subsidiary Guarantors on the Restatement Effective Date are identified as such in Schedule 3.01A hereto.
Supervisory Board” means the supervisory board (in Dutch: raad van commissarissen) of the Company.
Swap Agreement” means any agreement with respect to any swap, forward, future or derivative transaction or option or similar agreement involving, or settled by reference to, one or more rates, currencies, commodities, equity or debt instruments or securities, or economic, financial or pricing indices or measures of economic, financial or pricing risk or value or any similar transaction or any combination of these transactions; provided that no phantom stock or similar plan providing for payments only on account of services provided by current or former directors, officers, employees or consultants of the Company or the Subsidiaries shall be a Swap Agreement.
Swap Obligations” means any and all obligations of the Company or any Subsidiary, whether absolute or contingent and howsoever and whensoever created, arising, evidenced or acquired (including all renewals, extensions and modifications thereof and substitutions therefor), under (a) any and all Swap Agreements permitted hereunder with a Lender or an Affiliate of a Lender, and (b) any and all cancellations, buy backs, reversals, terminations or assignments of any such Swap Agreement transaction. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Permitted Call Spread Swap Agreements shall not constitute Swap Obligations.
Swingline Exposure” means, at any time, the aggregate principal amount of all Swingline Loans outstanding at such time. The Swingline Exposure of any Lender at any time shall be the sum of (a) its Applicable Percentage of the total Swingline Exposure at such time other than with respect to any Swingline Loans made by such Lender in its capacity as a Swingline Lender and (b) the aggregate principal amount of all Swingline Loans made by such Lender as a Swingline Lender outstanding at such time (less the amount of participations funded by the other Revolving Lenders in such Swingline Loans).
Swingline Lender” means JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A., in its capacity as lender of Swingline Loans hereunder.
Swingline Loan” means a Loan made pursuant to Section 2.05.