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CIMPRESS N.V. filed this Form 8-K on 01/08/2019
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Foreign Currency LC Exposure” means, at any time, the sum of (a) the Dollar Amount of the aggregate undrawn and unexpired amount of all outstanding Foreign Currency Letters of Credit at such time plus (b) the aggregate principal Dollar Amount of all LC Disbursements in respect of Foreign Currency Letters of Credit that have not yet been reimbursed at such time.
Foreign Currency Letter of Credit” means a Letter of Credit denominated in a Foreign Currency.
Foreign Currency Sublimit” means $200,000,000.
Foreign Lender” means (a) if the applicable Borrower is a U.S. Person, a Lender that is not a U.S. Person, and (b) if the applicable Borrower is not a U.S. Person, a Lender that is resident or organized under the laws of a jurisdiction other than that in which such Borrower is resident for tax purposes.
Foreign Subsidiary” means any Subsidiary which is not a Domestic Subsidiary.
GAAP” means generally accepted accounting principles in the United States of America.
Governmental Authority” means the government of the United States of America, any other nation or any political subdivision thereof, whether state or local, and any agency, authority, instrumentality, regulatory body, court, central bank or other entity exercising executive, legislative, judicial, taxing, regulatory or administrative powers or functions of or pertaining to government (including any supra-national bodies such as the European Union or the European Central Bank) and any group or body charged with setting financial accounting or regulatory capital rules or standards (including, without limitation, the Financial Accounting Standards Board, the Bank for International Settlements or the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision or any successor or similar authority to any of the foregoing).
Guarantee” of or by any Person (the “guarantor”) means any obligation, contingent or otherwise, of the guarantor guaranteeing or having the economic effect of guaranteeing any Indebtedness of any other Person (the “primary obligor”) in any manner, whether directly or indirectly, and including any obligation of the guarantor, direct or indirect, (a) to purchase or pay (or advance or supply funds for the purchase or payment of) such Indebtedness or other obligation or to purchase (or to advance or supply funds for the purchase of) any security for the payment thereof, (b) to purchase or lease property, securities or services for the purpose of assuring the owner of such Indebtedness or other obligation of the payment thereof, (c) to maintain working capital, equity capital or any other financial statement condition or liquidity of the primary obligor so as to enable the primary obligor to pay such Indebtedness or other obligation or (d) as an account party in respect of any letter of credit or letter of guaranty issued to support such Indebtedness or obligation; provided, that the term “Guarantee” shall not include endorsements for collection or deposit in the ordinary course of business.
Guarantors” means, collectively, (i) the Company, (ii) the Subsidiary Borrowers pursuant to the terms of Article X of this Agreement and (iii) the Subsidiary Guarantors.
Guaranty” means that certain Second Amended and Restated Guaranty dated as of the Restatement Effective Date in the form of Exhibit G (including any and all supplements thereto) and executed by each Guarantor party thereto and any other guaranty agreements as are requested by the Administrative Agent and its counsel, in each case as amended, restated, supplemented or otherwise modified from time to time.