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CIMPRESS N.V. filed this Form 8-K on 01/08/2019
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a result of such Recipient being organized under the laws of, or having its principal office or, in the case of any Lender, its applicable lending office located in, the jurisdiction imposing such Tax (or any political subdivision thereof) or (ii) that are Other Connection Taxes, (b) in the case of a Lender, U.S. Federal withholding Taxes imposed on amounts payable to or for the account of such Lender with respect to an applicable interest in a Loan, Letter of Credit or Commitment pursuant to a law in effect on the date on which (i) such Lender acquires such interest in the Loan, Letter of Credit or Commitment (other than pursuant to an assignment request by any Borrower under Section 2.19(b)) or (ii) such Lender changes its lending office, except in each case to the extent that, pursuant to Section 2.17, amounts with respect to such Taxes were payable either to such Lender’s assignor immediately before such Lender acquired the applicable interest in a Loan, Letter of Credit or Commitment or to such Lender immediately before it changed its lending office, (c) Taxes attributable to such Recipient’s failure to comply with Section 2.17(f) and (d) any withholding Taxes imposed under FATCA.
Executive Order” means Executive Order No. 13224, effective as of September 24, 2001, and relating to Blocking Property and Prohibiting Transactions With Persons Who Commit, Threaten to Commit, or Support Terrorism (66 Fed. Reg. 49079 (2001)).
Existing Credit Agreement” is defined in the recitals hereof.
Existing Letters of Credit” shall have the meaning assigned to such term in Section 2.06(a).
Existing Loans” shall have the meaning assigned to such term in Section 2.01(a).
FATCA” means Sections 1471 through 1474 of the Code, as of the Restatement Effective Date (or any amended or successor version that is substantively comparable and not materially more onerous to comply with), any current or future regulations or official interpretations thereof, any agreement entered into pursuant to Section 1471(b)(1) of the Code and any fiscal or regulatory legislation, rules or practices adopted pursuant to any intergovernmental agreement, treaty or convention among Governmental Authorities and implementing such Sections of the Code.
Federal Funds Effective Rate” means, for any day, the rate calculated by the NYFRB based on such day’s federal funds transactions by depositary institutions (as determined in such manner as the NYFRB shall set forth on its public website from time to time) and published on the next succeeding Business Day by the NYFRB as the federal funds effective rate; provided that if the Federal Funds Effective Rate shall be less than zero, such rate shall be deemed to be zero for the purposes of this Agreement.
Financial Officer” means the chief financial officer, principal accounting officer, treasurer or controller of the Company.
Financials” means the annual or quarterly financial statements, and accompanying certificates and other documents, of the Company and its Subsidiaries required to be delivered pursuant to Section 5.01(a) or 5.01(b).
First Tier Foreign Subsidiary” means each subsidiary of a Subsidiary organized under the laws of a jurisdiction located in the United States of America that is a Foreign Subsidiary and with respect to which any one or more of the Company and its Domestic Subsidiaries directly owns or Controls more than 50% of such Foreign Subsidiary’s issued and outstanding Equity Interests.
Foreign Currencies” means Agreed Currencies other than Dollars.