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CIMPRESS N.V. filed this Form 8-K on 01/08/2019
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obligation to use in connection with the transactions contemplated by the Loan Documents, or to furnish to such Borrower or any of its Subsidiaries, confidential information obtained from other companies.
SECTION 9.19    Acknowledgement and Consent to Bail-In of EEA Financial Institutions. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in any Loan Document or in any other agreement, arrangement or understanding among any such parties, each party hereto acknowledges that any liability of any EEA Financial Institution arising under any Loan Document may be subject to the write-down and conversion powers of an EEA Resolution Authority and agrees and consents to, and acknowledges and agrees to be bound by:
(a)    the application of any Write-Down and Conversion Powers by an EEA Resolution Authority to any such liabilities arising hereunder which may be payable to it by any party hereto that is an EEA Financial Institution; and
(b)    the effects of any Bail-In Action on any such liability, including, if applicable:
(i)    a reduction in full or in part or cancellation of any such liability;
(ii)    a conversion of all, or a portion of, such liability into shares or other instruments of ownership in such EEA Financial Institution, its parent entity, or a bridge institution that may be issued to it or otherwise conferred on it, and that such shares or other instruments of ownership will be accepted by it in lieu of any rights with respect to any such liability under this Agreement or any other Loan Document; or
(iii)    the variation of the terms of such liability in connection with the exercise of the write-down and conversion powers of any EEA Resolution Authority.
SECTION 9.20    Termination of Dutch CIT Fiscal Unity.
(a)    If, at any time, a Dutch Loan Party is part of a fiscal unity (fiscale eenheid) for Dutch corporate income tax purposes (a “Dutch CIT Fiscal Unity”) and such Dutch CIT Fiscal Unity is terminated (beëindigd) in respect of such Dutch Loan Party as a result of or in connection with the Administrative Agent enforcing its rights under any Collateral Document, such Dutch Loan Party shall, together with the parent (moedermaatschappij) or deemed parent (aangewezen moedermaatschappij) of the Dutch CIT Fiscal Unity, for no consideration file a request with the relevant Governmental Authority in accordance with article 15af, paragraph 3, of the Dutch CITA to allocate and surrender any tax losses (verliezen) as meant in Article 20 of the Dutch CITA, to the Dutch Loan Party leaving the Dutch CIT Fiscal Unity, to the extent that pursuant to article 15af of the Dutch CITA such tax losses are attributable (toerekenbaar) to such Dutch Loan Party.
(b)    For purposes of this Section 9.20, the term “Dutch Loan Party” includes any Loan Party carrying on a business through a permanent establishment or deemed permanent establishment taxable in the Netherlands.
SECTION 9.21    Certain ERISA Matters.
(a)    Each Lender (x) represents and warrants, as of the date such Person became a Lender party hereto, to, and (y) covenants, from the date such Person became a Lender party hereto to the date such Person ceases being a Lender party hereto, for the benefit of, the Administrative Agent, and the arrangers of the credit facilities evidenced by this Agreement and their respective Affiliates, that at least one of the following is and will be true: