SEC Filings

CIMPRESS N.V. filed this Form 8-K on 01/08/2019
Entire Document

to obtain, verify and record information that identifies such Loan Party, which information includes the name and address of such Loan Party and other information that will allow such Lender to identify such Loan Party in accordance with the Act.
SECTION 9.14    Releases of Subsidiary Guarantors.
(a)    A Subsidiary Guarantor shall automatically be released from its obligations under the Guaranty upon the consummation of any transaction permitted by this Agreement as a result of which such Subsidiary Guarantor ceases to be a Subsidiary; provided that, if so required by this Agreement, the Required Lenders shall have consented to such transaction and the terms of such consent shall not have provided otherwise. In connection with any termination or release pursuant to this Section, the Administrative Agent shall (and is hereby irrevocably authorized by each Lender to) execute and deliver to any Loan Party, at such Loan Party’s expense, all documents that such Loan Party shall reasonably request to evidence such termination or release. Any execution and delivery of documents pursuant to this Section shall be without recourse to or warranty by the Administrative Agent.
(b)    Further, the Administrative Agent may (and is hereby irrevocably authorized by each Lender to), upon the request of the Company, release any Subsidiary Guarantor from its obligations under the Guaranty if such Subsidiary Guarantor is no longer a Material Subsidiary.
(c)    At such time as the principal and interest on the Loans, all LC Disbursements, the fees, expenses and other amounts payable under the Loan Documents and the other Secured Obligations (other than Banking Services Obligations not yet due and payable, Swap Obligations not yet due and payable, Unliquidated Obligations for which no claim has been made and other Obligations expressly stated to survive such payment and termination) shall have been paid in full in cash, the Commitments shall have been terminated and no Letters of Credit shall be outstanding, the Guaranty and all obligations (other than those expressly stated to survive such termination) of each Subsidiary Guarantor thereunder shall automatically terminate, all without delivery of any instrument or performance of any act by any Person.
SECTION 9.15    Attorney Representation. If the Company or a Dutch Borrower is represented by an attorney in connection with the signing and/or execution of the Agreement and/or any other Loan Document it is hereby expressly acknowledged and accepted by the parties to the Agreement and/or any other Loan Document that the existence and extent of the attorney’s authority and the effects of the attorney’s exercise or purported exercise of his or her authority shall be governed by the laws of the Netherlands.
SECTION 9.16    Appointment for Perfection. Each Lender hereby appoints each other Lender as its agent for the purpose of perfecting Liens, for the benefit of the Administrative Agent, on behalf of itself and the other Secured Parties, in assets which, in accordance with Article 9 of the UCC or any other applicable law (including any personal property security laws of Canada or any province thereof) can be perfected only by possession or control. Should any Lender (other than the Administrative Agent) obtain possession or control of any such Collateral, such Lender shall notify the Administrative Agent thereof, and, promptly upon the Administrative Agent’s request therefor shall deliver such Collateral to the Administrative Agent or otherwise deal with such Collateral in accordance with the Administrative Agent’s instructions.