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CIMPRESS N.V. filed this Form 8-K on 01/08/2019
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the Administrative Agent to obtain a maximum benefit under the Loan Documents, each Swiss Borrower undertakes to promptly implement all such measures and/or to promptly obtain the fulfillment of all prerequisites allowing it to promptly perform its obligations and make the requested payment(s) thereunder from time to time, including the following:
(i)    preparation of an up-to-date audited balance sheet of such Swiss Borrower;
(ii)    confirmation of the auditors of such Swiss Borrower that the relevant amount represents the maximum freely distributable profits;
(iii)    approval by a shareholders’ or a quotaholders’ meeting (as applicable) of such Swiss Borrower of the resulting profit distribution; and
(iv)    all such other measures necessary or useful to allow such Swiss Borrower to make the payments and perform the obligations agreed under the Loan Documents with a minimum of limitations.
SECTION 10.03    Dutch Limitation Language. The Guaranteed Obligations of any Loan Party organized under the laws of the Netherlands and any Loan Party being a direct or indirect subsidiary of such Loan Party will not extend to include any obligations or liabilities for so long as this would constitute a breach of the financial assistance prohibitions contained in section 2:98c of the Dutch Civil Code.
SECTION 10.04    Limitation on Guaranty of Certain Swap Obligations. No Obligor hereunder shall be, or shall be deemed to be, a guarantor of any Swap Obligations if such Obligor is not an ECP, to the extent that the providing of such guaranty by such Obligor would violate the ECP Rules or any other applicable law or regulation. This paragraph shall not affect any guaranteed Secured Obligations other than Swap Obligations, nor shall it affect the guaranteed Secured Obligations of any Obligor who qualifies as an ECP.
SECTION 10.05    Keepwell. Without in any way limiting the obligations of any Obligor under this Agreement (including under this Article X) or the other Loan Documents, each Qualified ECP Guarantor hereby jointly and severally absolutely, unconditionally and irrevocably undertakes to provide such funds or other support as may be needed from time to time by each other Obligor to honor all of its obligations under this Guaranty in respect of Swap Obligations (provided, however, that each Qualified ECP Guarantor shall only be liable under this Section 10.04 for the maximum amount of such liability that can be hereby incurred without rendering its obligations under this Section 10.04, or otherwise under this Article X, as it relates to such other Obligor, voidable under applicable law relating to fraudulent conveyance or fraudulent transfer, and not for any greater amount). The obligations of each Qualified ECP Guarantor under this Section shall remain in full force and effect until a discharge of such Qualified ECP Guarantor’s obligations under this Article X in accordance with the terms hereof. Each Qualified ECP Guarantor intends that this Section 10.04 constitute, and this Section 10.04 shall be deemed to constitute, a “keepwell, support, or other agreement” for the benefit of each other Obligor for all purposes of Section 1a(18)(A)(v)(II) of the Commodity Exchange Act.