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CIMPRESS N.V. filed this Form 8-K on 01/08/2019
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is not effective until its rights under the parallel debt obligations described in such Dutch Pledge are assigned to the successor Administrative Agent.
The Company and each relevant Subsidiary which agree to provide security pursuant to a Dutch Pledge (a “Dutch Collateral Party”) hereby irrevocably and unconditionally undertakes to pay (each such payment undertaking by a Dutch Collateral Party, a “Parallel Debt”) to the Administrative Agent amounts equal to the amounts due by that Dutch Collateral Party in respect of its Corresponding Obligations as they may exist from time to time.     The Parallel Debt of each Dutch Collateral Party will be payable in the currency or currencies of the Corresponding Obligations and will become due and payable as and when and to the extent the relevant Corresponding Obligations become due and payable. Each of the parties to this Agreement hereby acknowledges that:
(a)    each Parallel Debt constitutes an undertaking, obligation and liability to the Administrative Agent which is separate and independent from, and without prejudice to, the Corresponding Obligations of the relevant Dutch Collateral Party; and
(b)    each Parallel Debt represents the Administrative Agent’s own separate and independent claim to receive payment of the Parallel Debt from the relevant Dutch Collateral Party, it being understood, in each case, that pursuant to this paragraph, the amount which may become payable by each Dutch Collateral Party by way of Parallel Debts shall not exceed at any time the total of the amounts which are payable under or in connection with the Corresponding Obligations of that Dutch Collateral Party at such time.
An amount paid by a Loan Party to the Administrative Agent in respect of the Parallel Debt will discharge the liability of the Loan Parties under the Corresponding Obligations in an equal amount. For the purpose of this Article VIII, the Administrative Agent acts in its own name and for itself and not as agent, trustee or representative of any other Secured Party.
The parties hereto acknowledge and agree for the purposes of taking and ensuring the continuing validity of German law governed pledges (Pfandrechte) with the creation of parallel debt obligations of the Company and its Subsidiaries as will be further described in a separate German law governed parallel debt undertaking. The Administrative Agent shall (i) hold such parallel debt undertaking as fiduciary agent (Treuhaender) and (ii) administer and hold as fiduciary agent (Treuhaender) any pledge created under a German law governed Collateral Document which is created in favor of any Secured Party or transferred to any Secured Party due to its accessory nature (Akzessorietaet), in each case of (i) and (ii) in its own name and for the account of the Secured Parties. Each Lender, on its own behalf and on behalf of its Affiliates which are Secured Parties, hereby authorizes the Administrative Agent to enter as its agent (Vertreter) in its name and on its behalf into any German law governed Collateral Document, to accept as its agent in its name and on its behalf any pledge under such Collateral Document and to agree to and execute as agent in its name and on its behalf any amendments, supplements and other alterations to any such Collateral Document and to release any such Collateral Document and any pledge created under any such Collateral Document in accordance with the provisions herein and/or the provisions in any such Collateral Document.
In relation to the each Collateral Document governed by the laws of Switzerland (the “Swiss Security Documents”) the Administrative Agent shall hold (i) any security created or evidenced or expressed to be created or evidenced under or pursuant to a Swiss Security Document by way of a security assignment (Sicherungsabtretung) or transfer for security purposes (Sicherungsübereignung) or any other non-accessory (nicht akzessorische) security; (ii) the benefit of this paragraph; and (iii) any proceeds and other benefits of such security, as fiduciary (treuhänderisch) in its own name but for the account of all relevant Secured Parties