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CIMPRESS N.V. filed this Form 8-K on 01/08/2019
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voluntarily prepay, defease or in substance defease, purchase, redeem, retire or otherwise acquire, any Subordinated Indebtedness or any Indebtedness from time to time outstanding under the Subordinated Indebtedness Documents. Furthermore, the Company will not, and will not permit any Subsidiary to, amend the Subordinated Indebtedness Documents or any document, agreement or instrument evidencing any Indebtedness incurred pursuant to the Subordinated Indebtedness Documents (or any replacements, substitutions, extensions or renewals thereof) or pursuant to which such Indebtedness is issued where such amendment, modification or supplement provides for the following or which has any of the following effects:
(a)    increases the overall principal amount of any such Indebtedness or increases the amount of any single scheduled installment of principal or interest;
(b)    shortens or accelerates the date upon which any installment of principal or interest becomes due or adds any additional mandatory redemption provisions;
(c)    shortens the final maturity date of such Indebtedness or otherwise accelerates the amortization schedule with respect to such Indebtedness;
(d)    increases the rate of interest accruing on such Indebtedness;
(e)    provides for the payment of additional fees or increases existing fees;
(f)    amends or modifies any financial or negative covenant (or covenant which prohibits or restricts the Company or any Subsidiary from taking certain actions) in a manner which is more onerous or more restrictive in any material respect to the Company or such Subsidiary or which is otherwise materially adverse to the Company, any Subsidiary and/or the Lenders or, in the case of any such covenant, which places material additional restrictions on the Company or such Subsidiary or which requires the Company or such Subsidiary to comply with more restrictive financial ratios or which requires the Company to better its financial performance, in each case from that set forth in the existing applicable covenants in the Subordinated Indebtedness Documents or the applicable covenants in this Agreement; or
(g)    amends, modifies or adds any affirmative covenant in a manner which (i) when taken as a whole, is materially adverse to the Company, any Subsidiary and/or the Lenders or (ii) is more onerous than the existing applicable covenant in the Subordinated Indebtedness Documents or the applicable covenant in this Agreement.
If any Permitted Convertible Notes constitute Subordinated Indebtedness, this Section 6.09 will not apply to the conversion of such Permitted Convertible Notes or the election or deemed election of a settlement method by the Company with respect thereto, any transaction effected in accordance with the third paragraph of Section 6.07 or any amendment, modification or supplement to such Permitted Convertible Notes that is expressly required to be made under the terms thereof.
SECTION 6.10    Sale and Leaseback Transactions. The Company shall not, nor shall it permit any Subsidiary to, enter into any Sale and Leaseback Transaction, other than Sale and Leaseback Transactions in respect of which the net cash proceeds received in connection therewith does not exceed the greater of $100,000,000 and 6% of Consolidated Total Assets (determined as of the last day of the most recent fiscal quarter for which financial statements shall have been