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CIMPRESS N.V. filed this Form 10-Q on 11/03/2017
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undetected errors or design faults in our technology, infrastructure, and processes that may cause our websites to fail

inadequate capacity in our systems and infrastructure to cope with periods of high volume and demand

human error, including poor managerial judgment or oversight

Any interruptions to our systems or operations could result in lost revenue, increased costs, negative publicity, damage to our reputation and brands, and an adverse effect on our business and results of operations. Building redundancies into our infrastructure, systems, and supply chain to mitigate these risks may require us to commit substantial financial, operational, and technical resources, in some cases before the volume of our business increases with no assurance that our revenues will increase.

We face intense competition, and we expect our competition to continue to increase.

The markets for our products and services are intensely competitive, highly fragmented, and geographically dispersed. The competitive landscape for e-commerce companies continues to change as new e-commerce businesses are introduced and traditional “bricks and mortar” businesses establish an online presence. Competition may result in price pressure, reduced profit margins, and loss of market share and brand recognition, any of which could substantially harm our business and financial results. Current and potential competitors include (in no particular order):

traditional offline suppliers and graphic design providers;

online printing and graphic design companies, many of which provide products and services similar to ours;

office superstores, drug store chains, food retailers, and other major retailers targeting small business and consumer markets;

wholesale printers;

self-service desktop design and publishing using personal computer software;

email marketing services companies;

website design and hosting companies;

suppliers of customized apparel, promotional products and gifts;

online photo product companies;

Internet retailers;

online providers of custom printing services that outsource production to third party printers; and

providers of digital marketing such as social media and local search directories.

Many of our current and potential competitors have advantages over us, including longer operating histories, greater brand recognition or loyalty, more focus on a given subset of our business, or significantly greater financial, marketing, and other resources. Many of our competitors currently work together, and additional competitors may do so in the future through strategic business agreements or acquisitions. In addition, we have in the past and may in the future choose to collaborate with some of our existing and potential competitors in strategic partnerships that we believe will improve our competitive position and financial results. It is possible, however, that such ventures will be unsuccessful and that our competitive position and financial results will be adversely affected as a result of such collaboration.