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CIMPRESS N.V. filed this Form 10-Q on 11/03/2017
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expenses and charges related to our compensation arrangements with our executives and employees, including expenses and charges relating to the long-term incentive compensation program we launched at the beginning of fiscal year 2017;

costs and charges resulting from litigation;

significant increases in credits, beyond our estimated allowances, for customers who are not satisfied with our products;

changes in our income tax rate;

costs to acquire businesses or integrate our acquired businesses;

financing costs;

impairments of our tangible and intangible assets including goodwill; and

the results of our minority investments and joint ventures.
Some of our expenses, such as office leases, depreciation related to previously acquired property and equipment, and personnel costs, are relatively fixed, and we may be unable to, or may not choose to, adjust operating expenses to offset any revenue shortfall. Accordingly, any shortfall in revenue may cause significant variation in operating results in any period. Our operating results may sometimes be below the expectations of public market analysts and investors, in which case the price of our ordinary shares will likely decline.
We may not be successful in developing our mass customization platform or in realizing the anticipated benefits of the platform.
A key component of our strategy is the development of a mass customization platform. The process of developing new technology is complex, costly, and uncertain, and the development effort could be disruptive to our business and existing systems. We must make long-term investments, develop or obtain appropriate intellectual property, and commit significant resources before knowing whether our mass customization platform will be successful and make us more effective and competitive. As a result, there can be no assurance that we will successfully complete the development of the platform or that we will realize expected returns on the capital expended to develop the platform.
In addition, we are aware that other companies are developing platforms that could compete with ours. If a competitor were to develop and reach scale with a platform before we do, our competitive position could be harmed.
Our global operations, decentralized organizational structure, and expansion place a significant strain on our management, employees, facilities, and other resources and subject us to additional risks.

We are a global company with production facilities, offices, and localized websites in many countries across six continents, and we have decentralized our organizational structure and operations. We expect to establish operations, acquire or invest in businesses, and sell our products and services in additional geographic regions, including emerging markets, where we may have limited or no experience. We may not be successful in all regions and markets in which we invest or where we establish operations, which may be costly to us. We are subject to a number of risks and challenges that relate to our global operations, decentralization, and expansion, including, among others:

difficulty managing operations in, and communications among, multiple businesses, locations, and time zones;

difficulty complying with multiple tax laws, treaties, and regulations and limiting our exposure to onerous or unanticipated taxes, duties, and other costs;