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CIMPRESS N.V. filed this Form 10-Q on 11/03/2017
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the inconvenience associated with returning or exchanging purchased items.

In addition, our internal research shows that an increasing number of current and potential customers access our websites using smart phones or tablets and that our website visits using traditional computers may be declining. Designing and purchasing custom designed products on a smart phone, tablet, or other mobile device is more difficult than doing so with a traditional computer due to limited screen sizes and bandwidth constraints. If our customers and potential customers have difficulty accessing and using our websites and technologies, then our revenue could decline.

We may not succeed in promoting and strengthening our brands, which could prevent us from acquiring new customers and increasing revenues.     

A primary component of our business strategy is to promote and strengthen our brands to attract new and repeat customers, and we face significant competition from other companies in our markets who also seek to establish strong brands. To promote and strengthen our brands, we must incur substantial marketing expenses and establish a relationship of trust with our customers by providing a high-quality customer experience, which requires us to invest substantial amounts of our resources. Our ability to provide a high-quality customer experience is also dependent on external factors over which we may have little or no control, such as the reliability and performance of our suppliers, third-party carriers, and communication infrastructure providers. If we are unable to promote our brands or provide customers with a high-quality customer experience, we may fail to attract new customers, maintain customer relationships, and sustain or increase our revenues.
We manage our business for long-term results, and our quarterly and annual financial results will often fluctuate, which may lead to volatility in our share price.

Our revenues and operating results often vary significantly from period to period due to a number of factors, and as a result comparing our financial results on a period-to-period basis may not be meaningful. We prioritize our two uppermost objectives (leadership in mass customization and maximizing intrinsic value per share) even at the expense of shorter-term results and generally do not manage our business to maximize current period financial results, including our GAAP net income (loss) and operating cash flow and other results we report. Many of the factors that lead to period-to-period fluctuations are outside of our control; however, some factors are inherent in our business strategies. Some of the specific factors that could cause our operating results to fluctuate from quarter to quarter or year to year include among others:

investments in our business in the current period intended to generate longer-term returns, where the shorter-term costs will not be offset by revenue or cost savings until future periods, if at all;

seasonality-driven or other variations in the demand for our products and services, in particular during our second fiscal quarter;

currency and interest rate fluctuations, which affect our revenues, costs, and fair value of our assets and liabilities;

our hedging activity;

our ability to attract visitors to our websites and convert those visitors into customers;

our ability to retain customers and generate repeat purchases;

shifts in revenue mix toward less profitable products and brands;

the commencement or termination of agreements with our strategic partners, suppliers, and others;

our ability to manage our production, fulfillment, and support operations;

costs to produce and deliver our products and provide our services, including the effects of inflation;

our pricing and marketing strategies and those of our competitors;